New Pieces of Debris Believed to Be of Flight MH370 Found in the East Coast of Madagascar and Kangaroo Island, Bad Weather Delays Search!

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 was a scheduled international flight that was being operated by Malaysia Airlines. The flight disappeared on 8 March, 2014 while it was on its way from Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia, to Beijing Capital International Airport that is located in China. A multinational search for the flight has been launched which is continuing to this day.

The latest reports regarding this search state that some new pieces of debris have been found in Madagascar. Apparently, a man searching for the pieces of the flight was the one who located the pieces of debris on the east coast of Madagascar. The person is question goes by the name of Blaine Gibson.

The debris that have been discovered by Mr. Gibson are being assumed to have come from the Flight MH370. Amongst all the debris, a particular piece of fragment shares close resemblance to a seat part of an airplane.

Mr. Gibson has been searching the eastern side of Africa for quite some time for pieces of flight MH370. The cost of his search has been borne by Mr. Gibson himself. His full name is Blaine Gibson and he is lawyer in Seattle.

The pieces of debris found by him were sent to investigators who would determine whether or not they belong to the ill-fated Flight MH370. A few pieces of the flight MH 370 have already been found in the Indian Ocean and it is being assumed that the flight crashed somewhere around this area itself.

As for the pieces found by Gibson, a British Engineer by the name of Don Thompson stated that he is 99.9% sure that one of them belongs to the backside of a seat of the flight. He stated- “The seat part I am 99.9% sure on. It’s the right color of fabric for Malaysian Airlines. It shows the seat had to have disintegrated to have come away.”

The other piece of debris that has been found by Gibson appears to be the cover panel of plane wing.

The debris have already been sent to ATSB, which is the Australian Transport Safety Bureau. They have also been sent to the concerned Malaysian officials for the purpose of investigation. It is not the first instance of Mr. Gibson’s findings.

Previously, in the month of February found some debris in the Mozambique. The words “no step” was seen on one of the pieces of debris that was discovered by Mr. Gibson.

In other news, some other pieces of debris have been found by a person on Kangaroo Island. The Kangaroo Island are located off the southern coast of Australia. Apparently, the man was searching for some driftwood when he stumbled upon the debris. These debris too are being sent to the concerned authorities for the purpose of investigation.

While it is being assumed that the debris found in the Kangaroo Island might belong to the MH370, some other conflicting reports state that it could also be a part of a Cessna that crashed a few kilometers off the coast of the island. This particular incident took place way back in 2002.

Apart from the debris that have been found recently, the search for Flight MH370 has yielded a total of eight pieces of debris. These debris have been located far off the western coast of Australia. Experts are of the opinion that the debris have reached those locations as a result of drifting.

Among the eight discovered debris, three are still being examined by experts. However, the other five have already been examined and experts are quite sure that they belong to the Flight MH370.