New Pieces of Debris Believed to Be of Flight MH370 Found in the East Coast of Madagascar and Kangaroo Island, Bad Weather Delays Search!

A number of reports coming in state that the people searching the Indian Ocean for pieces of debris from the flight have come across some bad weather which has caused a delay in the search. The ATSB came forward with an announcement in which it was stated that the search party has encountered strong winds and rough seas which is causing hindrance in the search for the debris of the plane.

ATSB has been leading the search and it was previously stated by the organization that it will finish searching the area by the month of June. However, the recent climatic conditions have forced them to stop the search for the time being. It will now come to an end in the month of August. There is a chance that the finishing date might be pushed farther back.

Only one vessel out of the designated three was able to occasionally continue the search in the previous week. The other two had to be kept on standby because of the bad weather conditions. The conditions might worsen as per forecasts and in that case it would become impossible to carry on the search until the weather becomes suitable for it.

The bad weather is taking its toll on the health of the people involved in the search and doctors have been assigned to keep a check on them on a regular basis.

Stay tuned for more updates on Flight MH370.