Xiaomi Mi5 Released in China, A Look at The Tech-Sheet of The Device, 4 Million Units Sold On First Flash Sale!

The latest reports indicate that the device is headed to India. It will be released in India on March 31, that is on this Thursday. In China the device was priced at 1999 yuan which is roughly around Rs 21,000 going by Indian currency. The device will most likely be priced under Rs 25,000 in India. Price will vary depending on the different variants of the device.

The phone was previously being promoted in a commerce site which is based in Poland. However, as per latest reports, the listing is fake. The site in question stated that the device will be available in Europe in the recent future. It was also stated that the site would come up with other details regarding the device such as release date and price with which it will be launched.

Many people came under the impression that the site is the Xiaomi Poland site and thus they believed everything that was stated in it. However, as it turns out that the entire site and all the claims made by it are completely fake.

The VP of Xiaomi, Hugo Barra has however promised that the device will eventually make its way to Europe sometime in the future.

Stay tuned for more update on Xiaomi Mi5.