Sackhoff Shares Photos from The Sets of Longmire Season 5, Production Begins, Fans Excited About Longer Episodes!

Netflix has been very secretive about Longmire Season 5. However, there are some scoops that are helping the fans piece together information to get a better picture. Since Longmire Season 5 will release on Netflix, the show will feature all the episodes together unlike the other networks where fans get their hands on one episode at a time.

According to Christian Today, Katee Sackhoff has shared a photo of herself as Vic Moretti with Robert Taylor, who plays the role of Walt Longmire. This has hinted that the two characters are going to work together on another case in the upcoming season. Vic Moretti, is the deputy to the sheriff of Absaroka County, played by Taylor.

Graham Greene, who plays the role of Malachi Strand, the former tribal chief of police has also teased the fans with the information that he is going to be back for Longmire Season 5. Apart from updates from the cast members, T. J. Scott has also posted on the social media, letting fans know that he is going to direct two episodes in the fifth season.

Lou Diamond Phillips, who plays the role of Henry Standing Bear in the series had let fans know that the production for the series is going to start on 23rd March. He had been busy working on a play, but had assured fans that he will be back to shoot Longmire Season 5 on time. He tweeted and informed the fans that he was on set and that the work on the fifth season has begun.

Santa Fe New Mexican has reported that the claim made by the actor is true and that the shooting for Longmire Season 5 has actually started in New Mexico on the 23rd of this month. The shoot for the series is likely to be wrapped around the last week of June and will be shot in different cities like Santa Fe, Los Alamos, Las Vegas, Española, Pecos and Glorieta.

Given that the shooting will be wrapped around June, fans can now hope to see the series out on Netflix. Now with the production underway, fans are hoping that Netflix will let out some insight on what’s in store in the coming season. The official page of Longmire had already teased the fans asking what they thought of a pairing between Vic and Walt Longmire.

The readers of the Longmire novels by Craig Johnson are aware of the fact that the two of them have a relationship in the book, but the characterization and casting of Longmire series makes it clear that the two aren’t likely to end up in a romantic relationship.

Vic is clearly young enough to be Longmire’s daughter and viewers feel that the casting was purposely done to steer clear of the romantic angle that is present in the book. Longmire Season 5 is going to focus on Longmire’s relationship. Fans will get to see him falling for Dr. Donna Monaghan (Ally Walker).

The finale of Season 4 had ended with Longmire and Donna spending some together at Longmire’s home when there is a break in. The fifth season is going to pick up from this exact point and there are speculations that the person who has broken in is none other than Walker Browning (Callum Keith Rennie). He is the top suspect since he had been arrested but Longmire and has always found him standing in his way and this is his way of getting at Longmire.