Sackhoff Shares Photos from The Sets of Longmire Season 5, Production Begins, Fans Excited About Longer Episodes!

Parent Herald has reported that there is a rumor that Donna isn’t as she portrays herself to be. There are chances that she is working with Walker and is pretending to like Longmire so that his attention is diverted from the important things.

There are chances that Longmire Season 5 might be the finale for the show. This news hasn’t been confirmed yet. If it is so, Netflix knows the kind of popularity that the show enjoys and will make sure that the final season surpasses the expectations of the viewers.

Netflix started streaming Netflix from the fourth season and was surprised at the kind of reception the show got. The series was cancelled by A&E after it failed to get the required audience.

A&E went ahead and cancelled the successful show three seasons after it has started since the advertisers weren’t happy with the fact that the show enjoyed a viewership consistent of the older generation.

With the success that Longmire Season 4 has seen, Netflix immediately renewed the series and also provided fans with the news that from the current season, each episode will become 20 minutes longer. This has made the fans very happy since they will now get an hour long episodes that will be able to develop the plot better.

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