Winds of Winter: Rumored to Be Ready for Publication, Martin Hints at Jon Snow Being Alive, Season 6 Poster Unveiled, And More!

The sixth novel had ended with Jon Snow being stabbed by the brothers at the Night’s Watch and while there has been speculations that Jon Snow isn’t going to be alive. Huffington Post seems have reported the exact opposite. When asked if Jon Snow will be dead in Winds of Winter, Martin had asked if the fans thought that the favorite character will be killed off.

He seemed to indicate that there is a possibility of them being alive when he said that fans shouldn’t take his words as gospel and there are chances that he would change things around. Martin is known to kill of fan favorites, but it looks like he might not do such a thing when it comes to Jon Snow.

With no news of Winds of Winter from Martin, fans have turned to HBO’s Game of Thrones Season 6. The new poster released by the network indicates that Jon Snow will be back. With Melisandre in the Castle Black, she is sure to rework her magic on the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. The writers D. B. Weiss and David Benioff have already made it clear that Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) is coming back for Season 6.

Fans had also noticed Harrington in Belfast where the filming was going on and he still has the trademark curly locks that Jon Snow sports.

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