Transformers 5: Plot to Focus Only On Robots, Might Not Feature Humans, Movie to Have Two Plots!

There are some very interesting insights that are coming up from the world of Transformers 5. Mark Wahlberg was the first one to confirm that Transformers 5 is on the cards and that he will be a part of it. However, recent reports suggest that Transformers 5 might not see any humans in the film.

Akiva Goldsman, who was spearheading the team of writers for Paramount Pictures latest venture had revealed that the writers are going to go back into the world of Transformers and unearth stories that are yet to be explored.

They will take up aspects that haven’t been highlighted as of now and will build the story for Transformers 5 around it.

Christian Post has reported that the fans and critics have come out to state the film from the Transformers’ franchise are giving too much attention to the humans rather than focusing on the story of the Autobots and how they impact the human race.

Die-hard fans of Transformers franchise will be aware of the fact that the original series was a cartoon that focused solely on the machines and the Autobots. The cartoons had nothing to do with humans.

It was only the Transformers’ films that brought the humans together with the Autobots and now with every passing film it feels like the humans are taking a lead role while the robots are only supporting them.

It is believed that the producers are keen on working on these lines and Akiva Goldsman and his team are working towards making a script where the robots enjoy the main focus.

This may be the reason why the studio hasn’t yet announced the lead actors for the project. There are speculations that for Transformers 5, Paramount Studio might not take a lead actor at all. They might only focus on the robots.

Goldsman had previously reported that Transformers 5 will have the writers digging in deep to find out information from the toys and sketches of the Transformers. Ultra Magnus, Red Alert and Overrise are also rumored to be a part of the upcoming film.

Movie News Guide reported that Akiva Goldsman has said that working in Transformers 5 has given him the opportunity to delve into a universe that has interested him since his childhood.

It also gives him the license to go back to his childhood and unearth small little aspects from the world of Transformers that might work for the plot of Transformers 5.

The film was rumored to have two plots. One, where Optimus Prime heads to outer space to confront the leader of the Quintessons and ask him to stop trying to kill off humans on Earth and the second plot would be Ultra Magnus managing things on Earth in the absence of Optimus Prime.

According to Crossmap, Blitzwig, Cyclonus and Scourge will also be present in Transformers 5 and will be joining Galvatron to fight another battle. Details for this new angle haven’t been revealed yet, since the ideating process isn’t complete.

There are rumors that Optimus Prime might bid goodbye this time round, but some believe that he will be back on earth to fight one last battle.

Mark Ryan, the voice actor for Transformers has let out some insights on the plot of the film. During his interview with Movie Web, Ryan informed that Transformers 5 will indeed have two plots. One with the focus on Cade Yeager and the other will focus on Optimus Prime’s journey.

There are reports that the film might also include Beat Wars. This has excited the fans, but what has piqued their interest is the fact that Transformers 5 might see a battle between Optimus Prime and Unicron.