Dance Moms Season 6: Troupe Heads to San Diego, Ziegler Performs with The Groups, Miller Might Be Heading to Court!

Fans are always on the lookout for spoilers and insights on what is going to happen in the upcoming season of their favourite series. Keeping this in mind, a website has been keeping a track on what is happening in Dance Moms Season 6 as they continuing shooting.

Dance Moms Season 6 is going to premier in Lifestyle next year and reports suggest the show has already finished the work on the eight episode of the season.

The website that has been leaking all the inside information from the shoot has reportedly said that the eight episode will see the young dancers heading to the Dream NDC.

Christian Post had reported a few days back that the Abby Lee Dance Company headed by Abby Lee Miller has gone to San Diego to perform at the Dream NDC and the eight episode of Dance Moms Season 6 will focus primarily on the event.

It was reported that the dance company put up a great show at the competition winning the first prize for the junior event as well as securing the first position in the overall category.

Apart from that, the website all mentions the ranks that each member of the Abby Lee Dance Company secures in the competition.

Mackenzie Ziegler is back in action and she secures the first position with her performance on Can’t Take My Fire, Jojo Siwa is placed in the third spot with Mercy and finally Nia Frazer gets the fourth rank after performing on Money Makes the World Go Round.

Star dancer Maddie Ziegler didn’t have a solo performance at the event, though a video was uploaded from the event where she is tagged as one of the dancers in the group dance Seven Deadly Sins.

Ziegler is scheduled to be back in Dance Moms Season 6 from the sixth episode. She has been busy with her schedule for the feature film The Book of Henry and it was reported that she will be heading back to Dance Moms as soon as she has completed her bit in the Colin Trevorrow film.

Maddie Ziegler’s preoccupation with The Book of Henry, where she worked with Naomi Watts will be featured in the series. Her appearance in The Ellen Show with Sia will also be featured in one of the episode as will be Jojo Siwa’s appearance at Good Day LA.

There were reports of Maddie Ziegler throwing off her weight on the other members of the dance troupe. She has known to be someone who shows off her power in the troupe since she is a favourite of Abby Lee Miller and her absence from the solo competition at the Dream NDC has raised many questions.

However, fans will have to realize that the girl had been busy shooting for The Book of Henry and wouldn’t have had time to work on a solo number that will help her clinch a ranking.

There has always been criticism about Dance Moms with viewers sharing their feeling on the young performers not getting a chance to behave like youngsters with all the dieting and practice hours.

A recent number of photos uploaded by the girls showed that they do get to enjoy life as well. The photos showed Kendall Vertes, Mackenzie Ziegler and her sister Maddie, Jojo Siwa and Kalani Hilliker. The girls were sitting together and laughing about something and each of them were wearing flannels.

There were other photos with the girls standing on the beach while holding hands or wearing funky accessories like star shaped pink sunglasses and cowboy hats and posing for the photos.