Dance Moms Season 6: Troupe Heads to San Diego, Ziegler Performs with The Groups, Miller Might Be Heading to Court!

There is competition and rivalry between the girls, but since they have grown up together, there is a great of affection and love that they share. They are like sisters and the photos on Instagram showed the bond they share with each other.

Abby Lee Miller has received a fair dose of criticism for not being a good coach to the girls at the ALDC. She has been said to be violent, condescending and rude to the girls and some viewers have also tried to make her leave Dance Moms.

In spite of it all, Abby Lee Miller has continued to be the coach for ALDC and she will be back for Season 6 as well.

One of the biggest feuds in Dance Moms was between Maddie Ziegler and her once best friend Chloe Lukasiak. With such unflattering deeds under her name, it isn’t surprising to note that fans are hoping that the legal case against her name will get her out of Dance Moms Season 6. If Miller is found guilty of 20 counts of fraud then she will have to head to prison.

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