PlayStation 4: Max Payne Coming To PS4? Host of Other PS2 Games Set to Debut on the PS4, Brand New Games Announced for the Console!

Max Payne was released back in 2001 for Xbox, PC and Play Station 2 by Rockstar Games. The game had already seen two re-releases when it was released for Xbox 360 in 2009 and Play Station 3 in 2012. Rumors are starting to build up that a third instance of the game might be headed towards fans for the Play Station 4.

Sony recently made an announcement which stated that the company is planning on bringing PS2 games to the advanced PS4 console. Fans are already speculating that Max Payne might be one such game that Sony is considering bringing to the PS4.

These rumors are being further fuelled by the fact that the game was recently rated M by ESRB or Entertainment Software Ratings Board for a PS4 release.

This has left fans into believing that the third-person action shooter game will indeed come to PS4 sometime in the recent future.

If it turns out that Max Payne actually turns up for the PS4 via the PS2- PS4 program of Sony, fans can expect that they will have to shell out money for the PS4 version of it even if they are in possession of the original disc.

No official announcements have been made by Sony regarding the matter yet.

Meanwhile, Shushei Yoshida recently announced that a host of PS2 games will be made available to fans which will be playable on the PS4. Fans will be able to purchase these games from the PlayStation store in North and South America and Europe.

As of yet, 8 games have been listed by Sony which is currently available for purchase by fans. These include- Dark Cloud, Grand Theft Auto III, Grand theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Rogue Galaxy and The Mark of Kiri. All these games come with the price tag of $14.99 and are currently available at the PlayStation Store.

Two other games are also available for purchase by fans at a cost of $9.99 each, these are- Twisted Metal: Black and War of The Monsters.

The reason why fans won’t be able to use the PS2 discs of the games on the PS4 is that the old discs which are formatted for the PS2 won’t be supported by the PS4 consoles. Thus fans will have to buy brand new PS4 compatible discs of these games to make them run on the PS4.

All of these games will come with the feature of Trophy Support along with advanced up-rendered 1080p visuals. Some other features of PlayStation 4 like Live Broadcast, Remote Play, Share Play and Activity feeds will also be supported by these games.

Sony’s decision of making the games available at a price is directly opposite to what Microsoft did when they made Xbox 360 games available for the Xbox One in the previous month.

It was reported in a renowned website that Microsoft is considering making all Xbox 360 games available for playing on the Xbox One for free. Fans who are in possession of Xbox 360 games discs will be able to run the game on the Xbox One console without having to pay extra money for it.

Games for the Xbox 360 which have been acquired by fans by means of digital download will also be playable on the Xbox One console without any further payment for them. A list featuring 104 Xbox 360 games was released by Microsoft last month which are currently playable on the Xbox One.