New Girl Season 5: Megan Fox’s Reagan Will Shake Things Up, Hooks Up with Nick, Past with Cece Unfolded, And More

It has already been reported that Jess (Zooey Deschanel) and Nick (Jake Johnson) will throw their best friends Cece (Hannah Simone) and Schmidt (Max Greenfield) a party on the occasion of their engagement.

New Girl Season 5 will show the two of them organizing the party in the first episode and keeping in mind Cece’s lineage, they decide to throw a Bollywood party.

New Girl is known for its crazy antics and Hannah Simone has given a glimpse of what’s in store in a video that she has shared of the upcoming season.

She talks about her favorite moment for the show and then goes on to talk about how she loves to see the three men- Schmidt, Nick and Winston (Lamorne Morris) dance and the upcoming season will see them not only dance, but see them dance together and to some Bollywood music.

Even though the video shared by Hannah Simone doesn’t make it clear that the occasion is the engagement party for Cece and Schmidt, since there have been reports that Jess and Nick have something similar on their minds, it can be assumed that it is on that very occasion.

New Girl Season 5 will start with Jess in it, but she will be gone after the third season. The story will state that Jess had to go away on jury duty, but in real life Zooey Deschanel is going to be on break to spend some time with her new baby girl. Zooey, will only be gone for a maternity leave and hasn’t taken a permanent break from New Girl.

With Jess away from home, the boys will lease out her rooms so that they can pay the rent and the new girl coming in to the picture will be the gorgeous Megan Fox. Megan Fox is set to play the role of Reagan, a pharmaceutical sales rep, who has come to town for her work.

There were a lot of negative reviews when it was revealed that Megan Fox will be replacing Zooey Deschanel in the upcoming season. Some fans even threatened to boycott New Girl Season 5 if Megan Fox was starred in the role of Reagan.

However, reports state that Megan Fox has done a great job in her new role. Max Greenfield has gone on social media to inform the fans that they will love Fox in her new role and she is so funny that sometimes it is difficult to keep a straight face when she is delivering her dialogues.

Max Greenfield has urged fans to tune into New Girl Season 5 when it premieres and promised them that they will not miss the usual charm of the series, in spite of the slight change in star cast.

Executive producer Liz Meriweather has also revealed that the whole team was surprised when they realized that Megan Fox had an amazing comic timing.

She said that they always had Megan Fox in mind for the role and she was their first pick. However, they couldn’t imagine that Megan would be this perfect for the role of Reagan.

Crossmap has reported that Reagan is set to have a romantic relationship with Nick since photos from the set shows the two of them kissing. There is another scene where Reagan walks away from Nick while he keeps looking at her walk away.

Jess and Nick are set to figure out their relationship. The two realized that they still have feelings for each other when they saw Cece and Schmidt getting engaged.