New Girl Season 5: Megan Fox’s Reagan Will Shake Things Up, Hooks Up with Nick, Past with Cece Unfolded, And More

With Jess leaving for jury duty, the two were supposed to get back on the matter after she is back, but things seem to have changed since Nick ends up kissing Reagan.

Fans think that this angle might make Megan Fox a series regular since if she has a relationship with Nick then she has to be there in the show for a longer time.

Hollywood Life has brought in another interesting angle to New Girl Season 5. The recent scoop reports that Reagan and Cece are set to have a lesbian past. It was Megan Fox who gave the spoiler out to TV Line.

She said that Cece and her character has a history that will make Schmidt very uncomfortable. The two girls are going to be in the shower together and they will be almost naked.

With Schmidt already hyper with all the wedding planning, this information will completely shake him up. He is already very possessive about Cece and is highly insecure and he will not know how to deal with the matter.

Usually, what happens is that the girls become bridezillas when they start planning for the wedding, but this role will be taken over by Schmidt in the series.

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