Winds of Winter: Rumored to Be Ready for Publication, Martin Hints at Jon Snow Being Alive, Season 6 Poster Unveiled, And More!

George R. R. Martin has not yet revealed if the sixth installment of the novel series A Song of Ice and Fire has been completed. Winds of Winter has been in the development mode for the past four years and fans are slowly starting to lose their patience with every passing day.

HBO adopted A Song of Ice and Fire series for television and while Game of Thrones had deviated on some part from the original novels, they were still loyal to the basic characterization and premise of the plot. However, with George R. R. Martin still not ready with Winds of Winter, HBO had to go ahead with Season 6 on their own since they had to release it by spring 2016.

This had upset a lot of loyal fans of Martin’s novels. Martin himself had expressed that with the Game of Thrones out with Season 6 next year, the demand for his Winds of Winter will drop since people will not be interested to read the novel anymore.

One of the main reasons for the unprecedented demand for A Song of Ice and Fire was because of the success of HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Vine Report has stated that maybe Winds of Winter is ready. This news comes in light of Martin’s appearance in Z Nation that airs on Sify Channel. For the Halloween special episode, Martin plays the role of a zombie. He is described as some who had been famous when alive, but wasn’t aware of it. His collector introduces him as the author of A Song of Ice and Fire and he is even seen signing copies of a novel called A Promise of Spring.

Fans have come out to say that the make believe book shown in Z Nation might be a hint on the fact that Martin is done with Winds of Winter and is now waiting for the publishers to get the copies of the book ready.Martin had promised fans that he will not be wasting his time on other activities and commitments and will instead be using his time to finish Winds of Winter. He had confessed that he doesn’t work on his novel when he is on the move.

Martin said that his creative juices start flowing only when he is at home sitting on his writing table. He isn’t able to pen anything down when he is on airplanes or staying in the hotel.Since Martin is out making special appearances on television series fans have become hopeful that Winds of Winter is ready for publication and hence Martin could afford the time to take care of his other commitments.

Fans are going crazy to find out what’s in store for them in Winds of Winter. He has already hinted there is a huge twist in the plot that will drive the readers crazy and the fans feel that it has something to do with Jon Snow.

Franchise Herald reported George R. R. Martin talking about the great twist had he has planned for Winds of Winter. He said that he is still contemplating whether or not to incorporate it.

The twist is going to be shocking and it will be something that none of the fans have expected. He also added that fans have to stop getting attached to a character and will have to start to grow out of a situation instead of getting stuck in there.