Apple iPad Air 3: Packed with Impressive Specs, Expected To Hit The Market In March 2016, Rumored to be Thinner and Lighter Than the iPad Air 2, And More!

Apple did not mention anything about the iPad Air 3 at the company’s yearly conference which concluded recently. This has led fans into believing that the iPad Air 3 will not make its appearance in the current year. However, another device from the Apple stable made its debut at the conference which was the iPad Pro.

It is being rumored that the iPad Air 3 will see the light of the day sometime in the first quarter of the next year. The delay in its release will be beneficial for its developers as they would get more time to polish the device even more and fine tune it to perfection.

The previous two generations of the iPad Air were released in the months of September in the preceding years which created the expectation among fans, of receiving the third iteration of iPad Air in September 2015.

The reason behind the delay in the launch of iPad Air 3 could be the fact that Apple is ensuring that the recently launched iPad Pro has a fair share of the market before another similar device is introduced to it.

Apple decided to delay the launch of the iPad Air 3 because it did not want to affect the sales of the iPad Pro by releasing the high-end iPad Air 3 in quick succession which might pose a competition to the former.

Apple is currently offering substantial discounts on the iPad Air 2 which may be an indication that the release date of iPad Air 3 is not far away.

Just recently, at the Cyber Monday deals, the iPad Air 2 was sold at discounted rates which were as low as $150. Cyber Monday is an event in which a large variety of products is made available at great deals and amazingly discounted prices.

According to a popular website the device will finally be launched in March 2016 during the event in which another device from Apple, the MacBook Retina will be unveiled by the company. However, this claim does not have any kind of official backing behind it yet.

It was reported in a renowned tech site that the iPad Air 3 will be focused on media and entertainment functions. It will sport a 9.7 inch 4K screen with a resolution of 2334 x 3112 pixels.

The screen will have a pixel density of 401ppi and a 4:3 aspect ratio. Resolution wise the iPad Air 3 will see a major improvement, as its predecessor came with a screen resolution of just 1536 x 2048 pixel.

Under the hood the device will feature the powerful Apple A9X processor along with 4GB of RAM. Another variant of the device will also be available which will come with 2GB of RAM.

It will reportedly have an 8-megapixel camera on its back along with a 2.1-megapixel snapper on its front end. The built-in fingerprint reader of the device will provide extra security for personal data and information of the user. An improved battery will ensure that the device does not run out of juice too often.

According to reports, the A9X powered iPad Air 3 might be 20 percent more powerful and 35 percent more power efficient than its predecessor the iPad Air2 which runs on an Apple A8X processor.

The iPad Air 3 will be dust and water resistant with impressive IP ratings in those departments to show for it. The 3D Touch technology will also be reportedly incorporated in the device. Four versions of the iPad Air 3 based on its internal storage capacity is expected to hit the marker, these include the 16GB, the 32GB, the 64GB and the 128 GB versions.