Empire Season 2: Midseason Finale Ends in a Cliffhanger, Lucious Loses His Ground, Producers Rectifying Their Mistakes, And More!

The hip hop musical drama from Fox is going to be back for the second half of Empire Season 2. The Season 2 midseason finale ended with a finale that pleased the fans of the series and now they are waiting for the show to be back.

The end of the first half of Empire Season 2 saw another coup, but it also ended on a bad note for Lucious (Terrence Howard) as he was repaid for the bad father that he has been, by one of his sons, Jamal.

The season also saw Hakeem (Bryshere Y. Gray) going against Lucious when he voted against him in the board meeting. Popmatters reported that this act of Hakeem’s was supposed to be seen as an act of betrayal against Lucious, but fans said that this act can be seen as a direct response to the manner in which Lucious has treated Hakeem for so long.

Lucious has always been the arrogant one in the series and it is to be seen how he reacts to the humiliation of being ousted as the CEO of Empire Entertainment. Lucious is not someone who is going to compromise on anything and he doesn’t give any important to rules and regulations.

Even if he resigns from his own company, fans are sure that he will be back after the second half of Empire Season 2 starts to try and find out some ways to get complete control of his company.

When the second half of Empire Season 2 returns, what is going to be most interesting to watch is how will Lucious go back to work with Hakeem.

Lucious isn’t aware of the fact that it was Mimi who had offered Lucious a meaty job in Empire Entertainment to make sure that Lucious doesn’t get to become the CEO.

Camilla’s (Naomi Campbell) marriage to Mimi (Marisa Tomei) had raised a lot of eyebrows and what’s going to be interesting to see is how Mimi is playing her own game and starting to make things role the way she prefers.

She already convinced Hakeem to be on her side with a lucrative offer. What remains to be seen now is how Mimi lives up to her promises to Lucious.

In spite of all these drama, what shocked the audience was the tragic accident that Rhonda faced in the last part of the final episode. Rhonda was pushed off the stairs by a stranger and even if she is safe, the accident is surely going to claim her and Andre’s baby.

In spite of enjoying a large audience, Empire Season 2 didn’t have a good TRP and there were numerous criticisms about the musical drama. One of the most recurring criticisms of the show is that it has a large number of guest appearances who are not necessary for the plot to progress.

Deadline spoke to Danny Strong, the executive producer of the show who agreed to the fact that the show had introduced a host of guest stars for the first of Empire Season 2 and they have realized their mistake.

Second half of Empire Season 2 isn’t being worked on while keeping these faults in mind and they are hopeful that the viewers will be happy with what they see in the second half of Empire Season 2.

Even though the show did receive a lot of criticisms because of a large number of guest stars, the show did have some brilliant guest appearances.

Alicia Key was one of the guests who made a huge impact with her performance. Danny Strong said that the producers of Empire got swayed with all the fame that the show had garnered.