Grimm Season 5: Nick and Tea Tackles the Rat King, Trubel in Danger, Meisner and Nick Come Together, And More!

The big crisis facing the team in the last episode of Grimm Season 5 was the gigantic rat known as the Rat King. Trouble started when the Rat King started creating havoc in Portland. Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) were called in to tackle the situation after two Wesen ended up dead in the night.

They discovered that the Rat King was created by the Reinigen the viewers had first encountered in Grimm Season 1. The creature was created by the nasty Reinigen so that they could unleash terror and take revenge from their enemies.

However, with a team including Nick, Hank, Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalee (Bree Turner), the Rat King is slew by the end of the episode.

With the Rat King under control, the focus of the episode then shifted to Trubel (Jacqueline Toboni). Trubel had appeared out of nowhere to the hideout that Nick keeps. She was badly injured and upon arrival at the secret hideout passes out from the numerous injuries all over her.

Nick immediately rushes her to the hospital and gets her admitted under the lie that she is an undercover police officer who has been hurt in an operation.

The lie gets sufficient backing from the armor that Trubel has on and the number of weapon that is found on her person. Apart from these, Nick also finds out a few fake IDs and a whole of cash in foreign currencies in different pockets of Trubel’s jacket. Nick realizes that Trubel has been a spy for the secret organization that is headed by Chavez.

This episode completely throws the fans out of track. It opens up a heap of question about what’s been happening in the plot. If Trubel had been working for Chavez, why then was she released by Meisner (Damien Puckler) from a cell like she was there as a captive?

With Trubel’s entry, Meisner comes into the picture and fans are sure that things are set to get interesting and there is soon to be an encounter between Nick and Meisner.

Den of Geek has reported that there is going to be a romantic angle in the series. With Meisner coming into the picture, the fans will be keen to know her reaction to Meisner. Both Meisner and Nick have a charming personality.

However, given that Adalind (Kelly Schade-Burkhardt) had been a Hexenbiest, she is drawn to Meisner’s mysterious auro, captivating eyes and his demeanor.

Adalind and Meisner also have a very strong relationship in the past since it was Meisner who had rescued her from the Royals and had helped her while she was delivering her baby girl, Diana.

Adalind knows that Meisner helped her with the delivery, but she is still in the dark about him handing over Diana to the Resistance and Adalind’s knowledge of that might unleash her old self.

With Meisner and Nick coming together to fight the bad guys things are really starting to take shape. The two may not see eye to eye, but it’s a treat to see the two of them fight the bad guys together to keep Trubel safe.

Jacqueline Toboni while talking to Christian Today about her role said that the viewers will find out a great deal about Trubel. Trubel had gone away in Season 4 and now when she is back in Season 5 there is a lot to know about her past and things are going to start taking shape soon.

She has started wearing different clothes, expensive ones to be precise and even rides an expensive bike. This sudden change is going to be answered very soon.