Grimm Season 5: Nick and Tea Tackles the Rat King, Trubel in Danger, Meisner and Nick Come Together, And More!

The trailer for the next episode that is set to the mid season finale has revealed that the war with Wesen is going to be a big one.

The Wesen vigilantes are starting to harm the businessmen from the community and there are chances that Monroe will be kidnapped in this process and with rumors about Monroe dying in Grimm Season 5 might become a reality soon enough.

There have been reports since the San Diego Comic-Con that one of the main characters will be killed off in the first half of Grimm Season 5.

However, with the story heading towards the Wesen business community being the target of all the attacks, it indicates that something terrible is coming towards the happy life that Monroe and Rosalee have created together and Monroe may not make it to the end of the Season 5.

With 100 episodes almost coming to an end there are speculations that the mystery of the keys will be dealt with soon enough. According to Food World News, the Royals have already taken control of four keys and fans believe that seven keys together will be able to open the door to the greatest treasure ever.

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