Elder Scrolls 6: Elements of Fallout 4 Might Show Up in Game, Host of Suggestions to Improve Gaming Experience, And More!

Bethesda has been quite busy recently with their latest offering- Fallout 4. The game has won positive reactions from both fans and critics and it went on to become one of the biggest releases of the year.

Amidst the ongoing Fallout 4 craze, certain rumors are already starting to build up regarding another game from Bethesda- Elder Scrolls 6.

Normally, Bethesda releases an Elder Scroll game every four years. The last Elder Scrolls game which was called Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim made its appearance back in 2011 and this has led fans into assuming that another Elder Scrolls game will be released by Bethesda in the ongoing year.

However, Pete Hines stated in an interview with The Telegraph that the game is currently in its developmental stages and it will not be released anytime soon.

He also stated that Bethesda focuses on quality rather than on quantity which is why the next Elder Scroll game will not be released until the developers feel that it is absolutely worthy of seeing a release date.

The company is currently focused on the recently released Fallout 4 and its upcoming DLCs. Rumors are abuzz that another iteration of Elder Scrolls won’t be available for fans until 2018-2019.

Todd Howard, the director of Elder Scrolls 5 and Fallout 4 recently stated that the development and release of Fallout 4 has been a massive job for everyone in the studio and it is normal for everyone including him to want a break after such a meticulous task.

Various rumors are doing rounds on the internet about the kind of elements and settings that the next Elder Scrolls game will have.

According to a renowned website, the game could feature settlement creation and workshop mechanics similar to the ones found in Fallout 4. A place which could be called home will definitely be an interesting addition to the game.

The settlements could be made to get better as the game progresses and it is something that has already been done by Bethesda, so they should not face any trouble in case they actually intend to incorporate these settlements in Elder Scrolls 6.

Unlike in Fallout 4 where only a few remaining survivors are left standing, Elder Scrolls is a game in which an abundance of people could be found.

This gives the developers a better base for developing the settlements and making good use of them for growth of the population or opening trade routes.

Another report stated that the crafting system of Fallout 4 could also be a part of Elder Scrolls 6 along with another important aspect of the game- scavenging.

Scavenging locations may be placed in various areas of the game’s setting like the forests, the dungeons or the vast open fields. The crafting will reportedly take place at locations which might include the home of the player or any other places like an inn or another settlement.

The report further added that certain improvements will be brought forth to Fallout 4 and there is a chance that these will eventually be incorporated into Elder Scrolls 2 too.

Whether the developers actually incorporate features of Fallout 4 into Elder Scrolls will remain a mystery unless any official announcement is made by them regarding the issue.

The game’s setting is also a matter of mystery as of now, with some rumors stating that it will be set in Argonia while others are pointing towards the Redguard region Hammerfell as the possible setting for Elder Scrolls 6. However, these rumors turned out to be hoaxes as reported by a popular website.

Another well-known website recently uploaded a list of five suggestions that fans would want to see in the next Elder Scrolls game. Featuring in that list of suggestions is a new combat system, an overhauled AI, a wider voice cast, more player agency and a compelling setting.