Vikings Season 4: Trailer Indicates Betrayal, Bjorn Set to Become a Better Ruler!

Things are set to take an interesting turn in Vikings Season 4. There were rumors that Ragnar Lothbrok’s character will be killed off by the end of the season since actor Travis Fimmel is going to make his big break in Hollywood with the film Warcraft and wants to focus on his career in films and not television.

Travis Fimmel is going to be playing the role of Anduin in Warcraft. The film is based on Blizzard’s video game of the same name and because the game has such a huge fan-base it is expected that the film is going to enjoy a great opening. Warcraft is already in production and is set to release on 10th June 2016.

This had opened speculations that Ragnar will be replaced as the King of Denmark by his eldest son Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig). However, a new element has been added to this plot by the official trailer of Vikings Season 4.

The trailer shows new characters who have previously not been seen in the series and the verses that are being read out on the narration seem to indicate what’s in store for the characters in the series.

The Biblical verses that are read by Athelstan (George Blagden) talk about one generation passing away to make way for another highlights that Ragnar’s reign is set to come to an end in Vikings Season 4.

Ragnar had come back from the Paris siege completely broken and seeing the condition of their king, the people of Kattegat replace him with his Bjorn.

However, Bjorn will have opposition from other claimants to the throne, one of them being his younger brother Ivar the Boneless. According to VC Post, there is a chance that even Ragnar’s wives Aslaugh and Lagertha are going to come out and claim the throne. The politics of the throne is going to be the main preoccupation for Vikings Season 4.

Michael Hirst added that in Vikings Season 4 Bjorn will be the only ally that Ragnar will have. Everyone else around him is trying to eliminate him. It is Bjorn, his eldest son who is the one without any intention behind taking over the throne.

He has no political intentions and this is what makes him the best candidate for the throne. Bjorn is also very similar to Ragnar when it comes to his personality.

Crossmap reported that because Ragnar and Bjorn are so similar, the people want Bjorn to the one to succeed him. Hirst has also added that Bjorn is set to be a better leader than his father.

The next verse that was read out in the narration hinted at betrayal. Speculation has it that Rollo (Clive Standen) who had betrayed his brother Ragnar by siding with Emperor Charles (Lothaire Bluteau), might return to Denmark with the army of Emperor Charles. He might betray Ragnar again and kill him for the throne.

The question of betrayal also brings into focus Floki (Gustaf Skardgard). Floki, who is Ragnar’s childhood friend, had killed Athelstan. Report has it that Floki will be made to face his past and Ragnar being the king has to choose between punishing his friend or saving his life.

Michael Hirst the creator of Vikings, said that he had started Vikings with Ragnar in the lead, but since Fimmel has to focus on the growth in his career he is open to conceptualizing a world of Vikings without him.

Michael Hirst added that he always thought of Vikings being a world that wasn’t dominated by Ragnar and keeping this in mind he had decided to go ahead and make Ragnar have so many sons.