Vikings Season 4: Trailer Indicates Betrayal, Bjorn Set to Become a Better Ruler!

He is not worried that Vikings Season 4 might not work out since it will be Ragnar’s last. He said that he can see Vikings being popular in spite of Ragnar not being a part of it.

Hirst joked that the actors who have been cast in the role of Ragnar’s sons are all good looking and they will ensure that the audience is happy with what’s going on in Vikings even after Ragnar is long gone.

Vikings Season 4 will have big time jump. This news was first disclosed by Alexander Ludwig, who uploaded a photo of his character with a grey beard. This indicated that after Ragnar’s death the series will see a jump of many years. However, this jump is likely to take place in the end of the season.

Fans of Ragnar will be happy to know that Vikings Season 4 will see Ragnar in his usual charm. He is also set to have a romantic encounter with a slave girl called Yidu (Dianne Doan) whom he meets in Paris and rescue her back to Kattegat.

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