Sister Wives Season 6: Meri Talks About Her Catfish Episode, Thanks Her Family for Being Supportive!

Meri Brown’s catfish episode was one of the most important issues dealt with Sister Wives Season 6. Even before Sister Wives Season 6 had begun, there were a lot of speculations about Meri Brown having a hard time coping up with the massive change in her life.

Meri had been married to Kody for the past 25 years. However, this changed when Meri decided to divorce Kody.

There was a huge uproar about this decision of Meri’s, but fans were supportive of it. Meri Brown came out to announce that the reason for her deciding to divorce Kody was because she wanted his spiritual wife Robyn to be able to marry him.

Robyn was fighting a nasty legal case with her ex-husband over the custody of their three children and she didn’t enjoy any privilege because she wasn’t Kody’s legal wife. Meri had to take the difficult decision of handing over the status of the legal wife to Robyn so that she could win the custody of her three children.

It was to Robyn that Meri first confessed about her decision to divorce Kody. Robyn was touched by this grand gesture of Meri’s. However, she asked Meri to discuss the issue with Kody before deciding to go ahead with it.

This decision of Meri’s brought in a lot of speculation. Meri was uploading cryptic posts on the social media during this time and fans took them to interpret that she was having a tough time dealing with the sudden changes win her life.

Some even went ahead to suggest that Meri would leave the Brown household and go and start a life of her since her only daughter, Mariah was already in college. Meri was expected to make a fresh start in her life and go ahead and even finish her college degree and fulfill all her other dreams.

It was during the same time that her followers on the social media got an idea that Meri was starting to get close to another man. This was expected since she was completely lonely and had to go through the pain of seeing her husband for 25 years happy with another legal wife.

Meri Brown opened up about this phase in her life in the Tell All episode where she spoke about how miserable she felt. She said that it was difficult to see Kody and Robyn getting married, but she forced herself to be a part of the occasion because of the family.

According to International Business Times, Meri started to become close to the stranger online. She developed a friendship with the stranger and started enjoying the importance and the attention that she got from him.

She said that given the phase of her life, she was very lonely and saw nothing wrong in getting close to another individual who was giving her all the attention that she craved.

However, things became nasty when she realized that this stranger was not a man as she had presumed him to be, but was a woman named Jacquelyn Overton who catfished her into believing that she was a man. She emotionally broke down when she realized this.

While talking to Tamron Hall who hosted the finale of Sister Wives Season 6, Meri broke down saying that she realized that something was wrong when the person wouldn’t answer her direct question about where he lived and what he did and would lose his temper if she kept on pushing for the answers.