Sister Wives Season 6: Meri Talks About Her Catfish Episode, Thanks Her Family for Being Supportive!

Meri added that she feels terrible for coming out to her family about this episode and said she is grateful for having a family that has stood by her and has supported her through all her troubles.

Meri opened up to the family after Robyn begged her to. Kody had tried to make her speak about what was bothering her, but she had refused time and again.

Sister Wives Season 6 saw the Brown family change. There were issues that were brought up that were never ever dealt with. Kody realized that his wives are human and they tend to get jealous if he doesn’t give them equal time.

Christine has always been accommodative, but she spoke out about this and Kody promised that he would try to spread his time across all his four wives and their respective children.

In spite of all their differences, the Brown family is one composite whole and they have come out to support each other.

Meri for once has come out to clarify that she and Robyn are very close and there is no trouble brewing between the two. The Browns have also come to show their care and support for Robyn who is set to deliver a baby in January.

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