Elder Scrolls 6: Elements of Fallout 4 Might Show Up in Game, Host of Suggestions to Improve Gaming Experience, And More!

The report stated that a new combat system for the game could work wonders for it. Compared to some other games, the combat system of Elder Scrolls games feel a bit outdated.

The developers could take inspiration from combat systems of games like Arkham Asylum which has an Omni-directional melee combat and Dark Souls which features a tactical third-person slashing and parrying combat, to bring about changes in the combat system of Elder Scrolls 6.

The AI system of the game could also be reworked for Elder Scrolls 6. The enemies could be made stronger and more intelligent with unique attacks and fighting abilities which will make the game a bit more challenging.

The developers had used same voice actors multiple times during same quests in the previous games. This is a feature which could be definitely done away with in Elder Scrolls 6.

Using a variety of voice actors for even same types of characters will bring more diversity to the game instead, for example using the same voice actor for all the blacksmith characters in the game.

Along with these improvements, a more compelling setting for the game along with a better player agency might be something that benefits the game in a big way.

Stay tuned for more update on Elder Scrolls 6.