Empire Season 2: Midseason Finale Ends in a Cliffhanger, Lucious Loses His Ground, Producers Rectifying Their Mistakes, And More!

There was one a phase when they couldn’t get any stars even if they wanted to since everyone refused to be a part of a show that no one knew of.

Now when Empire has become so popular, the producers kept getting everyone to become a part of the show since they could now include any star they wanted and they wouldn’t even deny a part in the series.

Danny Strong has denied rumors about Oprah being a part of the show. There were talks about Oprah Winfrey making an appearance in the second half of Empire Season 2, but Danny Strong said that nothing in these lines was ever taking shape. Oprah Winfrey is a huge fan of the show, but since isn’t keen on becoming a part of it.

The second half of Empire Season 2 will focus on the Lyon dynasty. Showrunner Ilene Chaiken said that the show will deal with Lucious and Jamal’s relationship.

When Hakeem voted against Lucious, their relationship was hampered. Jamal had already spoken out the kind of father Lucious has been and things will only get worse.

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