Apple iPad Air 3: Packed with Impressive Specs, Expected To Hit The Market In March 2016, Rumored to be Thinner and Lighter Than the iPad Air 2, And More!

Certain rumors are doing rounds on the internet that the iPad Air 3 will be thinner and lighter than its predecessor the iPad Air 2 which had a thickness of 6.1mm and a weight of 437g.

These rumors have got some fans into thinking as to how it would be possible for Apple to make the device even thinner and lighter than its previous iteration.

Apple reportedly decided to order a fewer units of the iPad Pro which could be an indication that the company is planning on launching the iPad Air 3 in the near future.

Lesser units of the iPad Pro introduced to the market would mean lesser time required to completely sale off those devices, which will ensure an unsaturated market for the iPad Air 3. An unsaturated market will work towards boosting the sales of the device when it is finally launched.

A Rose Gold version of the device will also be released by Apple, as was reported by Tech Times.

Though no announcements have been made about the price tag that the iPad Air 3 will bring with itself, it is being speculated that the device will be cheaper than the iPad Pro and its price will hover somewhere around the $610 mark.

Stay tuned for more update on iPad Air 3.