Winds of Winter: Martin Rushing to End the Novel Before Season 6 Premiere, HBO Not Pushing Back Premiere, And More

Crossmap created a major buzz when they reported that a member of the crew of HBO’s Game of Thrones was spotted walking on the sets with a manuscript of Winds of Winter.

This had created a lot of excitement since fans felt that Martin was actually done with the book and HBO was reworking on certain aspects of their series based on it. However, this turned out to be a rumor and brought in nothing, but disappointment.

In an interview with iDigital Times, George R. R. Martin said that it is very important for him to complete Winds of Winter before Game of Thrones Season 6.

He said it was always in his agenda to finish the novel before season 6 hits the screen. However, since that didn’t happen, he will have to hope that his fans will not let go of his side.

He said that there is no point in thinking what will happen now that fans will already get a perspective of the story that won’t be his. He would rather use the time to complete Winds of Winter and try to deliver it on time.

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