50 New Legendary Items from Patch 2.4.0 Detailed By Blizzard, Details of Fifth Season Revealed, And More

Diablo 3 has seen game-transforming patches being released periodically every few months, since its launch. Reports indicate that a big patch is headed for Diablo 3. The latest 2.4.0 patch is a promise a major update for the game and it should come with a whole lot of new content.

Gamers have already witnessed how the Adventure Mode in this game is constantly expanding with the addition of a whole new area known as Greyhollow Island. At the moment, we have come to know about some of the new loot that can be expected from this new patch.

Fifty new legendary items have been promised by Blizzard and they will change our build in new and interesting ways.

Some of the ways in which this game can be changed have already been detailed before the release of this patch. Existing armor sets have been redesigned in order to make them a lot more useful than they are at the moment. They are the lovely green items which pair together for the purpose of big bonuses.

Lately, Diablo 3 has been promoting the philosophy of buffing the weak rather than nerfing the strong items. At the same time, the weak items are starting to look pretty strong as well. There are new and improved sets like the Might of the Earth set along with the completely revamped Monkey King set.

There are some new legendary items as well. It can be seen that Blizzard is trying to turn stuff like Heart of Iron decent. Meanwhile, with the help of Kanai’s Cube, all legendary gear can be harvested for the purpose of individual perks. In order to bring about significant changes, the new powers of the items can be paired with other things.

Non-sets like the Legacy of Nightmares ring pair have also been highlighted. A traditional set bonus has been given up forcefully through this interesting dynamic for the purpose of massive bonus damage from elusive Ancient gear.

In theory, it appears to be quite mind-boggling. Diablo 3 is a game that you can pick up and simply start playing whenever you want, playing with all the new changes that will be introduced. Kanai’s Cube power collection can be built up by collecting Legendaries and there will be more to do with the upcoming 2.4.0 update.

Meanwhile, Diablo 3 should be getting a second full expansion soon. The game has pretty long aspects and a full, considerable expansion with the presence of new classes is where the game needs to go next. Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls has sold pretty well and Blizzard would be foolish not to release another second expansion.

In other news, Season 5 of Diablo 3 will begin early next year and some of the official details have been revealed through a blog post. The Seasonal Legendary Items have been chucked off and new Legendaries will be released as soon as possible, with the latest 2.4.0 update.

They can be attained by all the players, irrespective of whether they have taken part in the season or not. New loot will be available in the form of Haedrig’s Gift, which comes with a new bundle of items. The existing conquests are being updated and at the same time, new ones are being added.

There are various new things that you can expect like cute wickle pets, wings and pennants, cosmetic items and much more. The best feature of Season is the Season Rebirth System, besides the Season Legendaries. With the help of this, players will be able to take non-seasonal characters and immediately transform them into a Seasonal character.