50 New Legendary Items from Patch 2.4.0 Detailed By Blizzard, Details of Fifth Season Revealed, And More

Blizzard stated in the official site, “By the time you complete all of Chapter 4 of the Season Journey, you should be fully decked out in a full class set! Which set you receive will rotate with each Season and depends on which class of hero you open the gifts on.

Each Haedrig’s Gift will be mailed to you and can be retrieved by opening the in-game mail icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.”

The sets for the Fifth Season of Diablo 3 are the Thorns of the Invoker for Crusader, Earth for Barbarian, Monkey King’s Garb for the Monk, The Shadow’s Mantle for Demon Hunter, Raiment of the Jade Harvester for Witch Doctor fans and Firebird’s Finery for a Wizard character.

At the same time, the various conquests are being tweaked in order to keep them challenging for all the players who have played through the previous seasons.

Besides the Conqueror’s Transmogrification Kit and the portrait frames, there will be a new pet and a pair of wings which can be added as cosmetic rewards. The Season 5 for Diablo 3 should be launched on 15th January 2016 at 5 pm, across all the time zones.

Stay tuned for more updates on Diablo 3!