Apple iPhone 7: Rumors Regarding the Release Date and Tech-Specs Surface, Apple to Reveal the Second-Generation Watch and iPhone 6C Alongside the iPhone 7 This March, And More

Rumors about an upcoming iPhone 7 are expected to flood the internet as we step into the next year. Like always, the rumors are about to get interesting, as numerous speculations have started surfacing!

Apple is known to experiment with their upcoming flagship models and the iPhone 7 is no different. However, some people have claimed that the upcoming iPhone is likely to feature an antenna system, which is quite bizarre to be honest.

An online tabloid has reported that this is Apple’s new Discreet Housing system for the antenna, whose purpose is yet to be announced. The Apple iPhone 7 is also likely to boast of a new design principle, since, people believe that Apple is working on a new waterproofing technology, which is to be included in the upcoming smartphone.

We recently reported that the current-generation Apple iPhone 6S is waterproof to a certain extent, with the IC being covered with a layer of silicon. Apple, however, has failed to mention this in the feature list of the iPhone 6S, since the technology is currently in its beta stages, and Apple does not cover liquid damage under its warranty, yet!

However, if this is indeed true, the Apple fans will have a chance to breathe a sigh of relief, since smartphones with half as many features as an iPhone and a fraction of its price, featured waterproofing. Seems like the Cupertino-based tech giant has finally heard the prayers of their customers.

Initial rumors claimed that the iPhone 7 will be announced during an event held in March, although, it is too early to comment on the situation since Apple is yet to make a formal announcement regarding the situations!

According to a post by The Apple Insider, the company is looking to prepone the release date from September. Hence, if you’re wondering whether to wait for the iPhone 7 or settle down for an iPhone 6 variant, it just got a lot harder to make a choice.

The post further claims that while the sales of the iPhone 7 skyrockets by summer 2016, the sales of the iPhone 6S could plummet. An earlier release date would also help Apple compete with the Android-powered devices, which seem to be mushrooming with each passing day.

Some of Apple’s biggest rivals are gearing up to reveal their flagship devices by the end of the first quarter of 2016 and even though Apple is unlikely to speed up the manufacturing process just to compete with the rivals, they could try to minimize time consumption and increase efficiency.

PC Advisor has gone ahead and announced the probable release date of the Apple iPhone 7 in the United Kingdom, which is likely to be September 9Th or 16th. However, an American release date is yet to be speculated. These reports are rumored and we neither support nor deny any of these claims.

According to initial speculations, the iPhone 7 is expected to borrow the A9 processor from the iPhone 6S, which should make the device just as responsive. The iPhone is rumored to be powered by a 1,642 mAh battery, which is a significant improvement from the days of the iPhone 5S.