Phantasm V: Ravager: Set to Hit the Big Screens in 2016, Phantasm III Character to Feature in The Film, And More!

Phantasm V: Ravager is an upcoming horror film from Hollywood which is scheduled for a 2016 release. It is the fifth installment in the popular Phantasm franchise of horror films and this iteration is also going to be the last film of the series.

The previous Phantasm films have all been directed by Don Coscarelli. Phantasm V: Ravager is going to be the only film in the Phantasm series that is not directed by Don Coscarelli, it has been directed by David Hartman instead.

The first Phantasm film made its appearance back in 1979, reports coming in from various sources are claiming that the filming if Phantasm V: Ravager has been completed. It has been directed by David Hartman under close supervision of Don Coscarelli himself.

The previous Phantasm film which was released in 1998 was called Phantasm: Oblivion. Fans have been waiting for a long time for another Phantasm film to make its appearance since then and the announcement of Phantasm V: Ravager is sure to get them going in a good way.

Numerous rumors and speculations have already started building up around Phantasm V: Ravager and the latest claim that a character who was introduced to the franchise in the third installment called Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead will be brought back to Ravager.

The character, Rocky, which was played by actress Gloria Lynne Henry in Phantasm III will be seen again in Phantasm V: Ravager.

This news was recently revealed by Gigi Bannister in her Facebook page. Gigi Bannister is the wife of Reggie Bannister who portrays the character of the quad-barrel shotgun wielding ice-cream man in the film.

Reggie Bannister, A Michael Brown, Bill Thornbury, Angus Scrimm and Kathy Lester who were part of the original Phantasm will make be back to reprise their respective roles once again for Phantasm V: Ravager. Rocky, played by Gloria Lynne Henry is a tough woman who loves to kill zombies.

Rocky will be back in Ravager to face off against the Tall Man once again. Some other new characters will be introduced in the upcoming film which will be played by different actors.

Reggie Bannister has been part of all the previous four Phantasm films till date and with Ravager, he continues his pursuit for the malicious villain of the film Tall Man. The Ravager will bring him face to face with the mysteries of the Phantasm saga for one final time.

The latest trailer released for the film reveals certain aspects about the upcoming film. The video shows the Tall Man played by Angus Scrimm, with his silver spheres of death and his army of midget zombies.

In the previous installments of the Phantasm series, fans have seen the Tall Man causing mass destruction to communities with the goal of turning all the members of the communities into midget zombies enslaved by him.

The Ravager will showcase a new side of the Tall Man’s silver spheres as was seen in the trailer. A silver sphere was seen destroying an entire city in the trailer which means that they are more powerful and deadlier than ever.

Destruction of an entire city by a silver sphere is something that the fans have not seen in the series before.

In other news, the original Phantasm film is being recreated by J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot for a high definition release. Rumors are doing rounds on the internet that the film is being secretly worked on by J.J. Abrams and Bad robot which is actually his production company.

Abrams reportedly is quite a big fan of Don Coscarelli’s Phantasm and he has taken it upon himself to develop and release a 4K version of the horror cult classic.