Winds of Winter: Martin Rushing to End the Novel Before Season 6 Premiere, HBO Not Pushing Back Premiere, And More

It’s about to be the end of the fourth year and still there’s no news of when George R. R. Martin will be ready with Winds of Winter. The fans of the novel series had finished the fifth part, A Dance With Dragons back in 2011 and have been waiting ever since to find out what’s in store for Jon Snow, which is set to be revealed in the sixth part.

Even HBO seemed to have lost their patience with George R. R. Martin. They had decided to push back the release of Game of Thrones Season 6 so that they can accommodate Winds of Winter before the premiere, but this isn’t going to happen.

With George R. R. Martin not ready to set a date on when he is expected to complete Winds of Winter, HBO had decided to take the call and go ahead with the premiere of Season 6 of Game of Thrones on the original date.

HBO had based the series on A Song of Ice and Fire series by Martin and the novel had become popular following the television series. George R. R. Martin had been working hard to adapt the novels on screen and it took a toll on his writing. He, therefore, decided to not continue with the screenplay, and focused on completing Winds of Winter.

A Dance with Dragons had ended with a cliffhanger where the fate of Jon Snow and Daenerys is in danger. The fans are waiting to find out what’s next for the two of the favorite characters. Will Jon Snow survive the brutal attack on his by his own brothers at the Night’s Watch? Where is Daenerys and what is going to happen to her?

These questions were to be answered by Martin, but since he isn’t being able to complete Winds of Winter, HBO will give their own interpretation to the two incidents and they may or may not be similar to what Martin had planned for them.

This didn’t go down well with the avid fans of the novel. They do not want the creators of Game of Thrones to tamper with the original plot of A Song of Ice and Fire, but there’s no way out. HBO is hard pressed to release Season 6 in April and with Martin not yet ready with the sixth novel, they have no option, but to go ahead.

Martin had revealed earlier this year that he will be cutting down on his public appearances and focusing more of his time on finishing Winds of Winter. When Martin didn’t appear at the San Diego Comic-Con his fans were sure that he will be done with the book by the end of the year.

Fans are now starting to lose their patience with the novelist. Martin had claimed that he can write only when he is home sitting on his writing table. Fans urged him to increase his pace and finish Winds of Winter, to which Martin said that it’s not possible for him to increase his writing pace just because his fans expect him to do so.

According to ET, Martin did say that he is looking to release Winds of Winter by the end of February 2016 and this will give the fans a lot of time to finish the novel and then wait for what’s in store in Game of Thrones Season 6.

Martin said that he might be being a little too ambitious when he makes that claim, but he is going to give in his all to try and make it happen.