Phantasm V: Ravager: Set to Hit the Big Screens in 2016, Phantasm III Character to Feature in The Film, And More!

Abrams has even paid tribute the film by incorporating a character by the name of Captain Phasma who is the Chrome Trooper, in his film Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Phasma is played by actor Gwendoline Christie and the character draws its name from Phantasm.

Abrams revealed that Michael Kaplan’s wardrobe team did an amazing job with the chrome design of Phasma and it reminded him of the ball in Phantasm and thus he decided to name the character after the classic 1979 horror film.

He further added that along with having a crisper and sharper picture quality, the 4K version of Phantasm will also come with a brand new 5.1 audio soundtrack. It was reported that Don Coscarelli himself is quite excited about the restoration project.

Abrams met Coscarelli 15 years ago and Abrams was making Felicity at that time. Don Coscarelli introduced Angus Scrimm to Abrams at that time and Abrams expressed his desire to show Phantasm in his production company Bad Robot.

Abrams himself put forward the generous offer of recreating he film in 4K after hearing that the original prints of the film were quite bad. This offer was accepted by Coscarelli and his team and that’s how the whole recreation-train was set in motion.

Stay tuned for more update on Phantasm V: Ravager.