Miley Cyrus: Uploads Photo with Alimi Ballard, Changes Her Hairstyle to Something More Regular!

MTV reported how Miley Cyrus and The Beatles made the Christmas one with good music in it. Miley Cyrus had come out with a number of songs this year and not all of them were liked by the wider audience.

Therefore, it was but obvious that her new song wasn’t something that music lovers were looking forward to during the time of family holidays, but she sure did surprise everyone.

The Miley Cyrus song that was released around Christmas was called My Sad Christmas Song and it was completely different from the other songs released by her throughout the year.

Miley Cyrus makes parents cringe with the way she flaunts her sexuality and her drinking and smoking and they were hoping to find something similar in her new song, but she shocked and surprised the listeners.

My Sad Christmas didn’t have any of the typical Miley characteristics. It was all about feeling a little sad during the Christmas time.

Yes, Christmas is about fun and festivity, but there are some who are all alone on Christmas and don’t get to Yuletide spirit. The song drives home a point and is perfect in its rendition of the music and the emotions.

The song points out how difficult Christmas might be for Santa as he is travelling all over the world with his delivery and she talks about keeping some beer out for him instead of the regular fair of milk and cookies since he would be more in need of some beer.

If Taylor Swift was to become the most popular celebrity in 2015, Miley Cyrus would be the one to take the award for the most controversial celebrity. She has made people sit up and notice when she released a video dressed like baby and said that it would be the first time that anyone would see a little baby strip.

For her Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz tour she came on stage in the most outrageous costumes and shocked her viewers with her eccentric behavior on stage. Miley Cyrus doesn’t shy away from anything and used the social media to come out about her sexuality.

She is very comfortable in her skin and made jokes about the rumors circulating about her, including one where it was believed that she was pregnant.

Miley Cyrus changed look while she grew up. From the girl next door Hannah Montana look to the one with crazy outfits and cropped hair. One cannot expect anything normal in this singer.

However, in a recent photo that the Miley Cyrus shared on her Instagram page, she seems to have a very natural and ordinary looking hair cut. She has side fringes and a longer hair. It looks like the hair cut that she sports in the photo is a wig and beneath it can be seen her bob cut brown hair.

Miley Cyrus posed with her childhood hero Alimi Ballard who played the role of Quizmaster Albert in the popular sitcom Sabrina, The Teenage Witch. She shared the photo stating how excited she was to meet Alimi Ballard. Joining her and Alimi Ballard in the photo was photographer Vijat Mohindra.

Miley Cyrus also made fun at her own self when she shared a photo of her old self and her recent photo with the same poses and said that people tend to say that they miss the old Miley and then went on to state that she misses the old Miley as well. Does this mean that fans will get to see the old Miley Cyrus?