Will Legend of Zelda for Wii U Explore Link’s Origin Story? Check Out the Various Fan Theories Involving the Upcoming Title!

This becomes rather insulting and with time, the gamers will never trust anything declared by Nintendo in future. At the same time, a lot of gamers are expecting that Nintendo will release The Legend of Zelda on the upcoming NX console. Doing that would be highly disrespectful for the Wii U gamers.

People are already assuming that Nintendo is delaying the release of this title since they are busy porting this game for the upcoming NX console as well. General assumptions indicate that gamers owning a Wii U are some of the ardent followers of Nintendo. According to some Wii U owners, they are being punished unnecessarily.

When a company is preparing to launch a new console, the owners of previous generation consoles should not feel like they were hosed. It is due to this fact that Sony made it a must for game developers to release titles that run on the upcoming PlayStation Neo and the present-gen PS4 as well.

With so many fan theories and expectations, Legend of Zelda has been hyped to an extreme point. We can simply hope that the developers don’t delay it further.

Meanwhile, in one theory, Link’s gear is connected to the Gerudo and the Sheikah but that doesn’t make sense when you consider the events taking place in the Legend of Zelda timeline.

What are your thoughts on The Legend of Zelda for Wii U? Stay tuned for more updates on this topic!