Redwood Originals to Focus On Young Jax Teller, Sons of Anarchy Spin-Off Series Will Come Sooner Than You Think!

During the end of Sons of Anarchy final season, Jax might have met his end but this character will be back. He will be coming in for a new graphic novel series, which comes with the name, Sons of Anarchy Redwood Original. The Hollywood Reporter revealed that a new comic is being written by Olly Masters.

He has worked on other comics in the past, including Snow Blind and The Kitchen. Masters opened up about Redwood Original and talked about how the comics will feature a young Jax while he navigates in the biker world in the absence of his father guiding him along.

Masters revealed that it was Jax’s moment to become a full-time member. In this story, he will be proving himself to the club, his allies and his enemies and also to himself. In the TV series, his father’s shadow looms all over him and in this series as well. However, right now, it is recent history and it seems more like an open wound instead of a car being pulled open.

Currently, he is dealing with JT’s death and how does it feel like to exist in a masculine-heavy world in the absence of a guiding father. Besides Jax, fans will also recognize many other known faces in this series. These characters include Opie, Clay, Gemma and few others from the popular FX show.

Meanwhile, Office Downe has been making a lot of claims regarding the comic book adaptation. The world premiere will be on 3rd June during the LA Film Festival. Office Downe and Mark Neveldine, Crank Co-director, declared that the film will be better than any Marvel or DC movie, on his Movie Crypt Podcast back in February.

Joe Casey, the Office Downe screen-writer told Entertainment Weekly that this particular film will make Crank feel like The English Patient. Kim Coates said that it is fu****g groundbreaking. He is best known for portraying the character of Tig Trager in Sons of Anarchy.

According to him, people need to wait and see the special effects, which are quite phenomenal and insane. Moreover, nothing was left out from the comic books.

He further revealed that his gun weighed around 16 pounds and it was barely possible for him to pull the trigger. He worked out in the gym for two months before this film. He said that they didn’t hold anything back and he has been naked a few times as well. He is simply waiting for the fans to witness it.

Considering Casey and Chris Burnham’s extremely-violent graphic novel Officer Downe, the protagonist Downe is an LAPD cop who has been resurrected. Coates revealed that the character is a real guy and a cop but he believes in the badge as well.

The character didn’t have any girlfriends or wives or any cats or dogs. All he had was his badge. Once he dies, he is kept on the ice for 20 years. He simply kept fighting all the bad guys and he was like a cop’s cop.

On top of that, Los Angeles is a mess and it’s like 20 times Gotham City when it comes to bad guys. The things taking place in the city are quite horrifying. Meanwhile, they find a way to resurrect him. Therefore, is he a Robo-Cop or a Frankenstein?