Spoilers For Scorpion Season 3, How Will The ‘Happy-Toby’ And ‘Paige-Walter’ Love Stories Pan Out? Let’s See

There was a proposal featured in the Season 2 finale of Scorpion. Along with that, viewers witnessed heartbreak and a love confession as well. On the 24th episode, Dr. Toby Curtis was saved by the Scorpion team from a death trap set by Mark Collins.

Fans came across major revelations during the end. Toby finally proposed to Happy Quinn after he was rescued, but he was turned down and Quinn revealed that she is already married to someone else. Walter O Brien told Toby about his love for Paige Dineen. He finally goes after her so that he can winningly take her away from Tim Armstrong.

The season was completed with a lot of cliffhanger questions. For instance, who is Happy really married to? Will Walter finally confess to Paige about his love for her? Nick Santora and Nick Wootton talked about the Season 2 finale regarding how the characters will be affected in Season 3. Santora talked about heartbreak between Toby and Happy.

They already in knew in the beginning that Toby needs to propose. They had already planned about it last summer and they had to arc it out before the season came to an end. However, in the beginning, they didn’t know that Happy was going to be married until January this year.

Wootton revealed that Season 3 will feature a lot of interesting backstories and it will also reveal the identity of Happy’s husband.Happy and Toby will be very much affected and it will create waves through the entire team. This will be the starting point for the emotional aspect next season.

Santora talked about how they might reveal important details regarding Toby, Happy, Sylvester and Walter’s past, before they became a part of the team. The stories will be related in a manner similar to how it was on Prison Break.

They accomplished it during Prison Break Season 1. They did an episode set in the past. It was before all the characters ended up in prison. The characters’ pasts, their occupations were revealed and the makers always talked about how this could be interesting with Scorpion.

It would be thought-provoking to see the team in their early days and how it came to be formed. During the final episode, Mark told Toby that Happy would reject his proposal but he didn’t exactly say why.

He simply indicated that it would be a big deal. As it happens, she did turn down his proposal as she is married to someone else.

From the looks of it, Happy/Toby and Walter/Paige will face a great deal of romance in the upcoming season 3. A commentary track for the season finale was also released by the producers of Scorpion. Santora made it clear that it would be quite boring if they simply got together without going through an obstacle course.

It involved the essence of storytelling and drama regarding what the heroes needed to overcome. The characters had to overcome the fact that Happy was indeed married to someone else and they had to further deal with it.

Moreover, Walter will do his best to win Paige back. Toby clearly helped him understand how he let the love of his life go away. In the 23rd episode, team Scorpion outwitted Mark Collins, their former Scorpion teammate after he captured Toby and decided to kill him until they met with his demands.