Spoilers For Scorpion Season 3, How Will The ‘Happy-Toby’ And ‘Paige-Walter’ Love Stories Pan Out? Let’s See

The commentary track recently released by the show’s producers, gave fans inputs on what happened during the episode. It also provides a sneak peek behind the scenes. You can see this track on CBS. Season 3 of Scorpion will return on 19th September.

Both Nick Wootton and Nick Santora have declared that cast members will be majorly affected with the events that transpiring in Season 3. Season 2 finale will give rise to a major turning point in the show. People who were getting bored with Scorpion, well it’s time for some excitement.

The mystery lies with the identity of Happy’s husband. A lot of fans are simply dying to know about him. Who is this character? Where is he from? What does he do and look like? Why did Happy keep it a secret for so long?

So many questions and they all need to be answered! The recent events will take some time to be processed by the characters but eventually, they will comply with it. The scope of it and the way the team is affected will continue for some time.

Scorpion is a fun and feel-good show. It is simply one of those shows that you must keep watching and never stop at all.

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