Details of Cast Changes in Legends of Tomorrow Season 2, Caity Lotz Isn’t Sad About Captain Canary Leaving So Soon!

Legends of Tomorrow Season finale felt rather hollow and rushed. However, it’s not the fault of the finale episode since all the episodes preceding it was filled with complete filler content.The show kept wasting time during a long stretch of the first season and it rarely came across any thematic consistency.

Every new week, fans witnessed a new MacGuffin and a lot of them felt quite tangentially connected to the main storyline. The only great thing about the upcoming season is that we don’t have to deal with the likes of Kendra, Savage or Carter. The series needs to correct the mistakes it has made so far, only then will it be proper successful. A glaring mistake was the death of Leonard.

The signature wit and scenery discussions of Wentworth Miller are dearly missed. Sara, Jax, Professor Stein and Sara are all impressive characters but Leonard came with a different flavor. It was something funny enough to distract fans from the show’s glaring errors. The season finale might not be unwatchable but it’s not good at all and even if Leonard was present, he wouldn’t have been able to save the day.

Oculus has met with destruction and Rip Hunter cannot track down Savage any longer. The team should have come up with a backup plan if they knew that the destruction Oculus would prevent them from tracking down Savage.

Sadly, a leader needs to possess leadership skills in order to come up with prior planning and Hunter lacks any such skills. Lance’s death has been looming over during the recent episodes while Sara tracks down her father and finally comes to know what happened. Meanwhile, Hunter explains to Sara as to why he cannot allow Sara to save her older sister.

That is where one of the biggest plot holes emerges. Hunter’s has been trying to save his family all along! By doing that, he has endangered not only the team but the world as well. However, Sara can’t save his older sister as ‘something bad’ might happen? That sounds like complete balderdash.

In the Season 1 finale, the story arc of Vandal Savage came to an end while Hawkgirl and Hawkman’s quest of taking down the immortal supervillain, was completed. Similar to Wentworth Miller, Renee will no longer stay as a regular during the second season.

A recurring guest during the first season was Hentschel, therefore, so the change in his character didn’t appear too dramatic. Marc Guggenheim, the series creator, revealed in the beginning, he didn’t have any plans of introducing Hawkgirl and Hawkman in smaller roles. The realization suddenly hit him while planning for the second season.

They made a list of all the characters while going through the team and thought about developing new stories for them. They have trouble coming up with new plots while thinking about Hawkgirl and Hawkman.

Whenever they thought of anything, it felt it was being forced. The makers want Legends of Tomorrow to be distinct every season by featuring a rotation in the cast of heroes, while making progress.

Guggenheim indicated that the story arcs in Season 2 will be more streamlined compared to that in Season 1. They will also be more compelling in nature.

Meanwhile, Caity Lotz revealed that she wanted to explore the possibilities of friendship and relationship between Captain Cold and Sara “White Canary” Lance. The former character was played by the Wentworth Miller.