Lady Gaga Stands by Kesha, Compares Dr. Luke to Ursula, Rumored To Be A Part Of American Horror Story Season 6!

Lady Gaga has never shied away from speaking her mind and she has now come out to support fellow singer, Kesha. Kesha’s performance was pulled out of the Billboard Music Award by Dr. Luke and Lady Gaga has spoken up about it. Lady Gaga went on to compare Dr. Luke to Ursula, the Disney villain from The Little Mermaid.

Those who aren’t aware, Ursula had taken away the mermaid’s voice in The Little Mermaid and since Dr. Luke wasn’t allowing Kesha to sing at the award ceremony, Lady Gaga took the liberty to compare Dr. Luke to the Disney villain.

Inquisitr has reported that Dr. Luke has since then changed his mind and has agreed to let Kesha perform at the award ceremony. This wasn’t the first time that Dr. Luke has been the target of Lady Gaga. She had previously stood by Kesha, when the singer came out to accuse the owner of Kemosabe Records for sexually assaulting her and also curbing her freedom.

Ever since the accusation, Dr. Luke has been wary that Kesha would use the platform for her performance to talk about the case and make a statement about him. However, Kesha has denied those claims and have stated that she is going to sing the cover of Dylan’s It Ain’t Me, Babe.

Kesha has made it very clear that she doesn’t want to talk about Dr. Luke and her issues. She has been honored with an invitation to perform at the award ceremony and she will use it to pay tribute to her favorite songwriter, Bob Dylan.

According to US Magazine, she only wanted to honor her favorite artist and didn’t have any intention to about Dr. Luke. Even Kesha’s mother has spoken about the incident asking if a male performer could ever be denied to perform at the Billboard Music Awards by another man.

Kesha had wanted to record her music outside the label, but the court refused to let her do so since she is contract bound with the record label. This was when Lady Gaga came out in support of her and had shared photos with the hastag, #FreeKesha. Lady Gaga has gone ahead to tell Kesha that there are people all over the world who love her and that she herself is in awe of her bravery.

Gaga became aware of the fact that Kesha’s fans had led a protest march in front of the New York headquarters of Sony. Kemosabe Records is a branch of Sony and since the record company didn’t seem to act upon the requests of the fans, Lady Gaga shared a video of the protest on her social media account. She uploaded the video with a strong message directed against Sony.

Lady Gaga has spoken to Carson Daily about her decision to stand by Kesha. She said that she is very committed to the cause of sexual violence since she herself has suffered it. Lady Gaga added that many men and women are subjected to this in the music industry and she feels Kesha is being publicly shamed for it and it isn’t right.

She has decided to stand by Kesha since she doesn’t want her to suffer in the way in which she herself has. Lady Gaga in her stand for Kesha is trying to make things better for the younger artists in the industry.

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