Lady Gaga Stands by Kesha, Compares Dr. Luke to Ursula, Rumored To Be A Part Of American Horror Story Season 6!

The interview reveals Julian Assange talking candidly with Lady Gaga.Lady Gaga asks him playful questions and most of them get a serious response from Assange. He informs the pop-star that Apple iTunes can be used by terrorists to infiltrate computers and mobiles.

Lady Gaga has made her mark in the world of acting already. She created quite a ripple with her performance in the last season of American Horror Story: Hotel, and even picked up a Golden Globe for it. There are rumors that she might be returning for American Horror Story Season 6.

Lady Gaga’s co-star, Finn Wittrock recently spoke to The Wrap about her. He said that she is a great performer and is a workhorse who is unstoppable. She was initially looked at with skepticism since she was a pop diva, but then wowed the entire cast and crew with her talent.

She had an air about her that intimidated people initially. When Lady Gaga realized that, she tried to become more approachable and connected to the cast and crew and would chat and have fun with them. Wittrock added that Gaga didn’t fear from asking questions and is very passionate about everything she does.

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