Will Legend of Zelda for Wii U Explore Link’s Origin Story? Check Out the Various Fan Theories Involving the Upcoming Title!

It has already been confirmed by Nintendo that Legend of Zelda will be released on both Wii U and the upcoming Nintendo NX next year. At the moment, exact details about the game are quite difficult to come by. Hardcore fans have implied that previous gameplay trailers and teasers might offer some closure on this topic.

The release of Legend of Zelda on Wii U has debunked all rumors suggesting that Nintendo NX is a replacement for Wii U. We are yet to come across any details regarding this new console system but speculations suggest that it will be hybrid in nature.

It will function as a handheld, console and a mobile device. More details on the game should emerge during E3 this year. The studio has promised that it will bring out new details on Legend of Zelda during this year’s expo. Fans have been waiting for details on The Legend of Zelda for at least two long years. It was skipped during last year’s E3 event.

The last time we received any info regarding this game, was during The Game Awards, on December 2014. Wii U gamers will be happy considering the fact that Legend of Zelda will release on both consoles. Strictly speaking, the Wii U community is responsible for Nintendo staying alive till now.

Meanwhile, fans have come up with a lot new theories regarding Link’s next quest. One such theory came from Zeltik, who discussed the complex relationship between the Interlopers, hailing from Twilight Princess and the Sheikah. A collection of Sheikahs were broken off during Era of Chaos so that they can power the triforce all by themselves.

The Interlopers were formed by these dissidents. According to this theory, Link must work with the Sheikah so as to ensure that insurrection doesn’t go rogue. Meanwhile, a link between Gohdan, originating from the Wind Maker’s Tower of the Gods and The Legend of Zelda’s time-bending powers, was noticed by HMK.

The markings on the tower and around this boss bear an uncanny similarity to the Sheikah eye. Moreover, they are also tied to godly blue energy. You will also notice this energy in the arrow shot by Link and in bosses of Legend of Zelda for Wii U. Link and others are being attacked by these bosses since they have decided to purge all inhabitants out of Hyrule.

It is also possible that some character has managed to harness the power of Gods for wrong purposes. There is also a fan theory regarding a bridge between Ocarina and Twilight. The upcoming game can take place in Gerudo-Hylian War between Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time.

The geography of the map contained in the 2014 gameplay demo, gives rise to this thought. Locations like Death Mountain, Hyrule Field and Zora’s Domain are located in the same regions as the N64 classic from 1998. The Bridge of Hylia remains exclusive to the game, considering Twilight’s place. Meanwhile, other fan theories suggest that the upcoming game will feature a Link origin story.

In the meantime, Nintendo delaying the release of Legend of Zelda can create huge problems for the company. First of all, it damages gamer trust. People have been expecting this game to release at a certain time. Once the company disappoints gamers by delaying a certain title, they start losing their trust in the company.