Nas Talks About Historical Lines from Ghostbusters, Fans Finally Get a Glimpse of the New Ghostbusters Baddie!

During the Italia Independent x Ghostbusters event in NYC on Friday night, people enjoyed drinks named ‘Who You Gonna Call?’ while they waited for the man of the night.

Nas, the rap veteran and special collaborator, had teamed up with French Boutique Colette along with the HSTRY clothing line in order to bring back the 80s film to the fashion world.

Nas used iconic Ghostbusters imagery for Italia Independent, famous sunglasses brand. The imagery ranged from neon green slime to caution tape. Bradley Theodore has worked closely with Italia Independent in the past and he thinks it’s amazing.

He likes the idea of taking things around them and transforming them to hot. Nas was wearing the Unique Edition for Ghostbusters 0913 sunglasses while answering questions about his foray into the fashion world. According to him, people love Ghostbusters and brand HSTRY deals with real history. Therefore, it was only natural.

History could deal with the people he personally likes or joining movies. He wishes to bring the message back, through his clothes. He prefers seeing it in his HSTRY clothes. Anything he considers to be historical will be represented through his HSTRY clothes. On top of that, people genuinely loved Ghostbusters while growing up.

Meanwhile, a new trailer was released, featuring an all-female Ghostbusters reboot and people aren’t really happy about it. The video met with a lot of dislikes on YouTube and people believe that seeing their beloved film with re-casted women characters in major roles will ruin their childhood experience.

Organized-trash reviewing seems to have become a standard practice. Well, to a certain extent this is true because take a look what happened to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare trailer or Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

People prefer it when things stick to their roots. However, the down-vote scheme for Ghostbusters has simply drawn more attention to the work.

Nas was asked as to how he would cater to young people who have grown up without Ghostbusters. He nicely explained that history deals with teaching stuff people don’t know.

HSTRY will be doing the same thing, whenever and wherever necessary. He wants the stuff he wears to represents things which people don’t already know. According to Nas, people will celebrate unsung heroes with his stuff.

At the same time, Nas doesn’t wish to get completely lost with the ‘back-in-the-days’ look. He wants to retain his own flavor. HSTRY keeps moving forward but it deals with remembering something that he used to like or love. It could also deal with a person he really appreciates.

We got an awesome look at the new Ghostbusters, earlier this week. Moreover, fans witnessed a slight glimpse of the new bad guy of this movie. The international trailer came with a lot of jokes along with new footage.

The new footage provided a much clearer look at the dead and highly-elegant foe. The international trailer came with a lot of beats and included some new jokes as well.

Erin further tested out the new Holtzmann, anti-ghost weapon, which is also nuclear-powered! People received an awesome reaction from Kate McKinnon and the Mayor’s office dropped some shade on the Ghostbusters as well.

The trailer offers an excellent look of the new villain. The villain was only briefly glimpsed and it looked quite burnt up in the other trailer. According to some people, this is a new version of Stay Puft Marshmallow man from the original movie.

In reality, however, this is a ghost called Rowan and he has been speculated to be the evil version of the ghost featured on Ghostbusters’ logo.