Photos of Alien: Covenant Surface Online, Movie to Feature Multiple Xenomorphs, Two Australian Directors to Aid Ridley Scott in the Venture!

Alien: Covenant is an upcoming American science fiction movie that is being directed by Ridley Scott. The script for the movie has been penned down by Jack Paglen. It is going to be the sequel to the 2012 mega-hit Prometheus.

The shooting for the movie is currently underway and the first photos from the sets have just surfaced online. Apparently, the crew of the Covenant heads to a new universe which is plagued by deaths of its inhabitants.

A particular photo that was released shows a number of bodies that are lying hither thither on some steps. It looks like that the bodies are not of human beings. Another photo that was released provides a glimpse of a forest like environment where the trees appear to have been cut down.

The trunks of the trees are enormous and they dwarf a human being that is seen standing near them. Just in the recent past Michael Fassbender, who will be reprising his role of the Android David in the movie was enquired about the upcoming movie and the sets in Australia where it is currently being filmed.

He replied to the question by stating that the movie will have “an old-school element where things look battered, like the original Star Wars. ”He revealed that the old school element is being coupled with modern space gadgets for the purpose of shooting.

He also shed some light on his character and stated that fans will be seeing a completely new David in the upcoming movie. However, the renowned actor abstained from divulging any specific details regarding the matter.

Apparently, some other photos from the sets have also been released and in one such photo, fans can see two Xenomorphs going up against each other in a desert like location. Fans of the Alien series are familiar with the character of Xenomorph which is an alien.

Some details regarding the previously mentioned photo of bodies lying around have also come to light. Apparently, the bodies belong to some creatures that have a humanoid appearance. It looks as if the creatures have been burnt and they were extremely afraid of something or someone just before succumbing to death.

It has also been revealed that the creatures are being portrayed by actual actors and they have not been created using special effects. The actors in question are wearing suits to make them look like some extraterrestrial creatures.

Michael Fassbender had also revealed that fans will be witnessing aliens that will be coming out of human bodies. He gushed about his experience of working with director Ridley Scott. Apparently, he is extremely happy to be working with Scott and he also stated that he is trying to gain as much knowledge as he can from the renowned director.

Some of the other actors that the upcoming movie will star include the likes of- Katherine Waterston, Danny McBride, Billy Crudup, Demian Bichir, Amy Seimetz, Jussie, Smollet, Alex England, Callie Hernandez and Carmen Ejogo. It should be noted here, that among the cast of Prometheus, only Michael Fassbender will be making a comeback to reprise his role in Alien: Covenant.

Since the movie will be having scenes in which aliens will be coming out of human beings, it can be assumed that some chestbusters are also going to be present in it. The matter of chestbusters can be explained thus- Just after hatching from eggs, the Xenomorphs finds a host to attach itself too.

Human beings are their preferred target, though they can attach themselves to other living creatures too. The Xenomorph attaches itself to the face of the host and thus this stage is called face-hugging.