Photos of Alien: Covenant Surface Online, Movie to Feature Multiple Xenomorphs, Two Australian Directors to Aid Ridley Scott in the Venture!

During this period, an alien starts growing inside the body of the host. When the time is right, the alien bursts through the chest cavity of the host and makes its way out which makes for a pretty gruesome sight. Thus it is referred to as chestbuster.

The official plot synopsis for the movie states that the crew of the colony ship- Covenant heads towards the outer universe and on their journey they come across this world which is inhabited by only one being- David. Initially, the crew thinks that they have stumbled upon a place which has not been visited by anyone in the past.

They mistake it to be some kind of paradise, however, they soon find out the place is anything but that. Instead, it is a world which both dark and dangerous.

It has come to light that two Australian directors have also been hired by the filmmakers to aid Ridley Scott in the making of Alien: Covenant. The directors in question are Catriona McKenzie and Brooke Goldfinch. They will be with the crew of the movie for a period of five weeks during which they will help out Scott with the filming process.

Both the directors stated that they are extremely glad to be working with someone as experienced as Ridley Scott.

Alien: Covenant will hit the big screen on August 4, 2017. Stay tuned for more update on Alien: Covenant.