Redwood Originals to Focus On Young Jax Teller, Sons of Anarchy Spin-Off Series Will Come Sooner Than You Think!

Meanwhile, Kurt Sutter, the showrunner of Sons of Anarchy has been planning a spin-off. This FX show told us a story about highly dangerous and fascinating characters.

According to Kurt, the premiere date for this spin-off will be sooner than we think. In this upcoming show, Mayans MC will be the center of focus. In Sons of Anarchy, Mayans MC were really powerful rivals.

This particular group comprises of Latino members only. They have remained a problem for the Sons during a major part of the show. In the final season, the rivalry seemed to have cooled down. However, this took place in the face of a problematic gang war.

According to Kurt Sutter, the Mayans will lend an excellent new perspective in the sets of Sons of Anarchy. It is not clear as to how this spin-off will finally shape out. Hollywood Reporter revealed that the new series will not feature North Carolina.

The gang had a strong presence there in Sons of Anarchy but in the new series, Nevada could be a possible location. Sadly, the details appear to be vague. Sons of Anarchy fans are hoping to see familiar faces yet again, in this spin-off show. Characters, who didn’t live till the end in Sons of Anarchy, could return in the new series.

Most importantly, the new spin-off series will feature a Mayan-centric setting and this will provide a better stage for non-white actors in this highly promoted cable drama

Stay tuned for more updates on Sons of Anarchy!