Will Arianne Martell Finally Appear In Game Of Thrones Season 6? George R.R Martin Changes Sample Chapter for Winds of Winter!

Tyrion’s chapter was read during Worldcon on 2013 August. Currently, it is available on the application. Arya’s chapter was meant to appear on ‘A Feast of Crows’ but it was finally slotted for Winds of Winter.

Like the others, it was archived online and the app has it as well. It is possible that there are several rumored chapters available on the internet but these are the confirmed ones, till now.

With the sample chapter being changed, there are some new highlights. THERE ARE SPOILERS AHEAD! You have been warned beforehand so proceed at your own risk.

The non-tropical rainforests separating Dorne and Storm’s Landing, now has a completely new ecosystem. Wild Weirwoods which are rare in the south are present in small numbers, in the heavy density of trees.

We also witnessed some architecture made by the Children of the Forest. They have a certain similarity with the Hall of Faces.

Their faces were made from stone instead of flesh. Keep in mind that Martin has the ability to compile various cultures via shared ancient links. Arianne is still not aware of the fact that her brother, Quentin has committed a highly stupid thing. Only Tyrion Lannister is the Dragon Whisperer.

Stay tuned for more updates and information on The Winds of Winter!