Will Arianne Martell Finally Appear In Game Of Thrones Season 6? George R.R Martin Changes Sample Chapter for Winds of Winter!

A new chapter from Winds of Winter has finally been released by George R.R Martin. A character from Dorne in ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series named Princess Arianne Martell, relates the story.

She is one of the most interesting characters in the series but hasn’t appeared in Game of Thrones yet.  However, does anyone feel that Princes Arianne Martell will finally appear in Game of Thrones Season 6?

Meanwhile, a lot of people don’t know who Arianne Martell is. She is the most possible candidate from Dorne, to sit on the Iron Throne. She is also the heiress of Sunspear. Before Viserys Targaryen’s death, she was supposed to marry him. Being Doran Martell’s eldest daughter, she appeared in George R.R Martin’s ‘A Feast of Crows’, as a POV character.

In her new Winds of Winter chapter, Arianne Martell, along with characters yet to be featured on GOT Season 6, start exploring the Stormlands in search of Aegon Targaryen. They have all been sent by Doran. In Game of Thrones Season 6, Dorne is currently without an heir due to the assassination of Trystane and Doran Martell.

The kingdom is being ruled by the Sand Snakes, headed by Ellaria Sand and frankly speaking, none of them are fit to rule over Dorne. In order to bring balance in Dorne, Princes Arianna Martell might finally be introduced in Game of Thrones Season 6.

This clearly means that she will have to abandon her mission in Winds of Winter. Keep in mind that chapter is not at all a new one. It was read by George R.R Martin himself, in various conventions.

Meanwhile, fans are clearly waiting for the release of Winds of Winter.  George R.R Martin has announced an update in order to please his fans while making up for the delay. He wrote on his blog that the Winds of Winter sample has been changed on his blog.

The Alayne chapter which was on his website for the past year, featured Arianne Martell but it has finally been replaced. A lot of people have already heard him reading it during the conventions. The author has provided further hints regarding the Sand Snakes, Darkstar, Prince Doran and Ellaria Sand.

The sample chapter has provided a slight peek into the book but fans will have to wait longer in order to read more. Sadly, this clearly DOES NOT mean that Martin is anywhere near finishing the book. He personally declared that changing the sample chapter does not mean that he is about to complete the book.

You can read some Winds of Winter chapters on the World of Ice and Fire application. It is available free on both iOS and Android and comes with in-app purchases. You will also find links to chapters that can be watched, listened to or read online.

Theon Greyjoy’s chapter occurs during the timeline of ‘A Dance with Dragons’. It is available on the app since the chapter was archived online. Two Arianne Martell chapters have been released and the first chapter appeared on 2012 January.

It was actually destined to appear in ‘A Dance with Dragons’, the fifth book in the series. This chapter has been archived online and is present on the app. A portion from the Greyjoy’s chapter was read by George R.R Martin, during a March 2012 convention.

The excerpt was also transcribed by a Redditor. Ser Barristan’s chapter was first read during an October 2013 convention. In the app, you will find it as a preview chapter.