Rainbow Six Siege Operation Dust Line DLC Released By Ubisoft, Clever Suspected Of Cheating In Paid Competition Matches!

Ubisoft has worked hard for gamers playing their titles. The company released a lot of incredible video gaming franchises while improving them at the same time, with their DLC updates. The latest DLC for ‘Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege’, named ‘Operation Dust Line’, has been released by Ubisoft. Vine Report revealed that the DLC came out on 11th May 2016.

It is free of charge but needs to be unlocked by Rainbow Six Siege players with the help of in-game money. The DLC comes with a new map for players and includes two new operators from US Navy SEAL. The newly released map is named ‘The Border’.

According to reports, a couple of maps, already existing in the game, have been morphed into this single new DLC map. Meanwhile, Valkyrie and Blackbeard are the new US Navy SEALs. Valkyrie will have the Black Eye Gyro Cam Mk2. Vine Report further reveals that the device is a sticky camera that can be fast-deployed and the team receives an eye in the sky.

On the other hand, Blackbeard will carry the TARS Mk 0. TARS stands for Transparent Armored Rifle Shield. Blackbeard’s mobile protection will be bolstered by this equipment. This is one of those qualities in a weapon which is highly sought after.

Thankfully, this will not compensate on the operator’s field vision. Rest assured, the DLC comes with some necessary gameplay improvements as well. If you are a Rainbow Six Siege fan, this is a must-acquire DLC. In order to avail this special offer, start saving in-game currency.

Ever since video games were introduced, cheating has been a problem, especially considering the online wingsin games. With the advent of eSports, this issue needs to be rooted out or else, a lot of honest players will end up with a dismal experience. eSports players and teams presently compete for money rather than ego.

Recently, there was a campaign started against a player who was blamed of cheating during the Pro leagues of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. Philip Lough from VwS team is the center of focus in this scandal. He is better known as ‘Clever’, his in-game handle.

A complete month of community protests were conducted against him but sadly, neither Ubisoft nor the Electronic Sports League took any action against him yet. ESL is the German eSports organization at the helm of multiplayer matches in Rainbow Six Siege. Keep in mind that this issue simply doesn’t involve getting rid of a player cheating in a casual match.

The entire team including Clever was competing in weekly and monthly Go4R6 competitions which reward money for victories. Till now, it is not clear as to how he managed to cheat.

However, there are lots of videos in YouTube which explain how he could have known about things taking place in other parts of the map. Latest reports indicate that he was using a type of ESP or wall-hacking cheat. It apparently enabled him to look through the walls. In the Twitch footage taken during his matches, he looks at a second monitor, presumed to be on his right.

The captain of Mythic team in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege released a video which serves as a compilation of nine worst cheats, allegedly used by Clever. In one of the clips, Clever clearly points out that an enemy is located on the stairs in spite of never hearing or seeing him.