Combat Week Underway in GTA 5 Online, More New Exciting Content for The Game Coming Soon!

GTA 5 Online has been around for quite some time now, yet the craze among fans surrounding the online multiplayer game is showing no signs of ceasing. Rockstar has been constantly releasing DLCs for the game and also holding new events periodically which continues to draw fans to the game.

Just in the recent past a brand new event for the game was announced which was titled- Combat Week. The event began on May 13 and will continue till May 19. During this event, players will be able to purchase various items, arms and ammunitions, artilleries and vehicles at discounted rates.

Items and services from Ammu-nation and Merryweather and vehicles from Warstock can be availed at discounts during the Combat Week event. A list of the items, vehicles and services that players will be able to acquire at discounted rates between May 13 and May 19 are given below-

  • All the vehicles from Warstock will be available at a discount of 25 percent during this event. The vehicles that players will be able to obtain at discounted rates include- Rhino, Buckingham Valkyrie and Turreted Limo.
  • Ammu-nation will be offering discounts on a number of weapons that include all the Rifles, all the Sniper Rifles, all the different kinds of ammo and all the projectiles. It should be noted that these items will be available at a discount of 25 percent during the event. Another item that Ammu-nation will be offering on discount is the Body Armor. The Body Armor will be up for grabs at a massive discount of 50 percent.
  • As mentioned above, certain Merryweather services can also be availed at a discount during the Combat Week event. Some of the services which will be available at a discounted rate include- helicopter backup, airstrikes and air and sea pickups.

That apart a just in the recent past abrand new adversary mode was added to the game. This has been titled In and Out. Apparently, in this mode, a team of players will be tasked with capturing a number of packages which will be guarded by an opponent team.

Three new maps have also been added to this mode and players will be able to earn double RP and GTA$ in this mode during the Combat Week event. The double RP and GTA$ could be earned on some other modes of the game too during the ongoing event.

Rockstar offered Double RP and GTA$ on In and Out IV, V and VI maps from May 13 to May 15. The same will be offered on Cross the Line I, Till Death Do Us Part II and Come Out To Play V, from May 16 through May 17.

Players will be able to earn double RP and GTA$ on Beast vs. Slasher IV, Siege Mentality 1 and Extraction V, from May 18 through the last day of the event, that is May 19.

Various reports are coming in which suggest that GTA V online is set to receive some more exciting content in the near future. Apparently, this upcoming expansion will allow players to acquire huge amounts of properties and these properties will be usable as headquarters of contraband trafficking.

Players will be tasked with buying various items like narcotics, jewels and medical supplies and then selling them to make huge profits. These items could be stored in the properties that will be acquired by them. Players will be running their crime organizations from the headquarters.