WeChat: Launches City Services In Select Cities, To Be Introduced In Cars, And More Details

BMW AG is planning to incorporate WeChat in its cars in China. With the car market trying to provide more and more advanced technological add-ons, car makers have realized that customers want WeChat in their cars.

WeChat has more than half a million users in China and the demand of the app to be incorporated in the car is rising. BMW is looking into the matter and trying to come up with something that enables the app to be used in the cars without any change in its software.

Tencent Holding, the creators of WeChat are not as open very open the idea. They are trying to outdo their competition in the world of smartphones and tablets and making changes in their software to include it in cars is not on their primary agenda immediately.

BMW says that the app will require a year to be incorporated in the cars. The app will be controlled by voice command and would have taken less than half an year before it could be used in cars had Tencent been a little more forthcoming.

In other news, WeChat has raised quite a few issues in Vancouver where the service is being used for sex-for-credit scams.